Whiskey Stones Gift Set

Natural Granite Whiskey Stones + 2 Crystal Shot Glasses in Wooden Box – Premium Bar Accessories

Best Whiskey Stones Gift Set for Your Friends and Relatives



  • IDEAL COOLING. Put the whiskey stones in the freezer and you will get cold rocks, which awesomely cool your drink. Use the velvet bag (included in the kit) for the freezer so that the whiskey rocks don’t absorb other smells.
  • A CLEAN TASTING DRINK. Forget about watery whiskey, bourbon or other drinks. BROTEC whiskey rocks stones provide coolness, without adding anything to your drink as ice does: no other tastes or smells, or water to change the taste of your favorite drink.
  • THE BEST GIFT FOR FRIENDS. The whiskey stones gift set is a great gift idea for friends and relatives on any holiday.  The whiskey glass and stone set in a wooden box from BROTEC are a beautiful decoration for any personal bar.
  • CERTIFIED PRODUCT. The high quality of our whiskey stones and glasses is ensured by their certification: FDA fromSGS, LFGB from SGS. Soft ice cube sized whiskey chilling rocks/stones don’t scratch your glasses and are absolutely safe. Warranty – 1 year.

PREMIUM SET FOR REAL LOVERS OF GOOD DRINKS. 8 functional whiskey stones + 2 crystal whiskey shot glasses (80 ml) + 1 black velvet bag + stylish wooden box. The BROTEC whiskey stones and glass set makes a great gift and is  both beautiful and convenient.

A universal product which will keep your drink cold longer – The granite whiskey stones from BROTEC. To use the whiskey chilling rocks/stones put them in the fridge, take them out after they freeze,  and then place in your drink glass. The whiskey stones are bartender approved and will cool your whiskey, bourbon or other drinks for hours.

Why is the 8-piece whiskey stones set better than ice? When ice gets into your drink it starts to melt and waters down your whiskey. Do you want to drink a  clean cold whiskey or other drink? Use the i set of 8 ice whiskey stones/rocks!

Put the whiskey cubes in the freezer in the velvet bag which comes in the kit, so the stones don’t absorb outside smells.

What does the whiskey glasses and stones set from BROTEC include?

Whiskey stones (8pcs) of high-quality (absolutely smooth stones which don’t scratch your glass and cools  your drink perfectly)

● 2 crystal whiskey glasses (80 ml)

● 2 whiskey table coasters

● 1 black velvet bag

● 1 wooden gift box

The BROTEC whiskey and scotch stones are tested and have quality certification: FDA from SGS, LFGB from SGS.

We are sure our product are of high-quality and that’s why we offer a 1-year guarantee.

The stylish and functional whiskey stones and glasses gift set will make a great gift for all whiskey lovers. A beautiful wooden box is an ideal package for our whiskey glasses and stones. The whiskey glass and stone kit is the best gift for any holiday or occasion.

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