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Presidential debate drinking games will make America drunk again

presidential debate drinking games


Presidential debates used to be a time to learn where a candidate stands on an issue or how they plan to tackle a problem. Now they’re more akin to MTV’s Yo Momma, only with Lester Holt filling in for Wilmer Valderrama, who’s too busy filming episodes of NCIS. There’s only one solution – Presidential Debate Drinking Games.

There are plenty of options when it comes to presidential debate drinking games. Everyone knows that you’d have to be drunk to tolerate the utter garbage that will be spewed on screen tonight. I’ve decided to round up a few of my favorites for you.

Presidential Debate Drinking Games

Debate Drinking
Straightforward and easy. Pick your candidate and drink everytime they say one of their six trigger words. There are community words as well that cause a drink if anyone says them. In total, you have to remember 9 words and nothing else. Still too tough? They have a realtime scoreboard.

Like the first, you ride one candidate all night. The drink triggers have a wider range, Lester Holt could get you drunk, and we get our first “finish your beer” rules.

Porch Drinking
This one plays more like a drinking game, which makes sense given the source. Sometimes you take drinks; sometimes you give them. There are sips, finishes, shots, and even pouring one out for Bernie.

First off, immediate bonus points for a handy graphic. They’re drinking with a simple hierarchy of sips, shots, bottle chugs, and full liquor cabinet consumption for the most bro reason ever.

Elite Daily
Not sure you can make it all the way through other Presidential Debate Drinking Games? This one has you covered. Elite Daily made a novice, hard, and bad idea version of their game so people of every tolerance can survive the night.

Meghan McCain Bingo
I’m not sure who she took this from, but I don’t believe she made it up herself. In any case, it’ll get you drunk.

presidential election drinking game

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With the recent rise in popularity of Japanese whisky, it seems like a lot of Japanese expressions are now flooding the market. To the uninitiated, it can be difficult to distinguish the multitudes of bottles with calligraphic Japanese characters in bold accompanied by sparse descriptions in English. I remember attending an “Evening with the Blenders” event at the Scotch Whisky Experience where an excited patron held up a bottle of Yoichi NAS to me and said they won it in the raffle. “It’s collectible!”, they decreed. Well unfortunately for them, or fortunately for me, not all Japanese whiskies are collectible. The Akashi blended whisky is very much an expression whose value will not likely rise in the near future. Tis a drinking whisky. Aren’t they all?

So what is this? Well Akashi is a brand which represents the Eigashima distillery in Japan (which is located in Akashi City). They started like many Japanese distilleries as a Sake and Shochu producer and have recently popped up on the European and American markets. However, this expression is a blend of whiskies from Japan and somewhere else. Sources suggest grain whisky from America. Apparently the Japanese version is quite different from the EU and American versions in that it contains molasses spirit. So that one is quite interesting but what we have here is basically an international blend. The marketing department probably thought making it look very Japanese would help boost sales in Europe and the States, and it probably has. Note that White Oak is another brand they use for their whiskies, so you might see people refering to this as Akashi or White Oak. They use these names on other expressions so it can get a bit confusing.

Another cool tidbit about Eigashima, it is “technically” the oldest whisky distillery in Japan because they got their whisky license in 1919 (Yamazaki started in 1923), but they really didn’t start making whisky until much later.


Price: £29.95 from the Master of Malt

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Jameson’s The Whiskey Makers Series

Jameson is ready for a shake up, and they are not taking on this project lightly…  Daniel Lundberg, Global Brand Director for Jameson, comments:

“The restructure of the Jameson family is the most significant move in our brand’s recent history. This is an exceptionally exciting development that positions Jameson at the forefront of innovation and advance within the Irish Whiskey category. The family, comprised of The Whiskey Makers Series, the range of Heritage whiskeys and The Deconstructed Series is underpinned by the brand’s people and craft, heritage, taste and fearlessness; in short, the qualities for which Jameson is celebrated throughout the world. Today we finally get to unveil our new family globally and witness Irish Whiskey fans discovering new stories, flavours and experiences from Jameson.”


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Cool Shots



Cool Shots-True Taste

Bullet Shaped Stainless Steel Reusable Chilling Rocks Gift Set of 6 with Tongs and Storage Bag

How can you chill your favorite spirits without diluting their perfectly balanced flavors? Cool Shots whiskey stones will keep your drinks cool without watering them down, so you can feel the pure flavor of your drink every sip.

These stainless bullets can be used to cool your drinks, such as: whiskey, scotch, vodka, white wine, etc. Unlike ice, Whiskey Stones chill your liquor without diluting the bouquet.

BEST QUALITY DRINK ROCKS – Food-grade Stainless Steel Rocks will chill your whiskey, bourbon and other favorite drinks and cocktails without diluting

NON-SLIP SILICONE TIPPED HANDY TONGS – for easy and convenient placing your bullets into glass. Storage bag also included.

STYLISH- LOOKING SHAPE – bullet shape design is much cooler and unique than usual whiskey stones, creative alternative for ice cubes to chill your drinks will add some ice cold ammo to your liquor.

DESIGNED TO BE DURABLE AND REUSABLE – easy to wash and clean, environment friendly. We stand behind the quality of our products. Ready to use anytime so you’ll never run out of ice again.

YOUR BEST SHOT FOR A COOL GIFT– perfect set for whiskey lovers, great present includes 6 stainless steel bullets whiskey stones, pair of tongs, a black bag for storage and nice looking gift box. Great choice for any gift occasion



Freeze about 2 hours and ready to use. Iced effect more lasting than normal water ice cubes, not only to chill your drink, but also hold the temperature of an already chilled drink.



No more weste pure taste of a fine whiskey or other fine drink flavor with the water taste of melted ice! Our Stainless Steel Whiskey Bullets perfectly chill spirits without diluting them the way that ice does



Special gift package edition. Perfect gift for your party! Elegant, cool looking and practical present for many occasions! Such as: Christmas, Independence Day, Father’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, Birthday or Gift Card Idea for Him and so on.



All items has been well tested, examined and packaged before sending off to your address. If there is any confusion before or after ordering, just contact us.

You are backed by our 30 day money back guarantee.


Package Includes:

6 x Stainless Steel Bullet Whiskey Stones

1 x Tongs for serving the whiskey stones

1 x Velvet bag for storage & freezing